Daily Tarot Reading

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Marmara Tarot want to help you, so your could be GREAT. Ou team of web specialists and designers alongside with our cabinet of tarot professionals have created this application for you, so that you can get help every day, with the wise advices of the major arcanas of the tarot.

Tarot Card of The Day

Questions should be formulated correctly. It is possible that this is why the seer, the tarot specialist asks questions about the desired topic, the topic on which you are performing the consultation with daily tarot reading.

The chosen one card tarot spread professional, who is going to perform your consultation, will put at your disposal responses and meanings the roll gives you, deepening it with the card you chose to accompany it with one card tarot spread.

The basic roll is the most used one. On many occasions, I select a card that I call SPECIAL.

Daily Tarot Girl

I frame with it the entire roll with three card tarot spread. It is a special card that always tells me what is the strongest point that the client must change, what really is hidden in your question, which is the most important thing to keep in mind and what is, in some cases, more direct warning that you should know.

Daily Tarot Card spread

This is one of the most used card readings when we ask questions and make inquiries to the cards of cartomancy, to the tarot spreads.

There is usually one of them which is what really interests us, and on which we clearly want information. There is always something special, what disturbs or preoccupies us.

This type of roll, which is the most common, complete and easy for me. Give the tarot professional, the seer consultant of the cards an option to intuit how many cards to use, and their placement in the reading.

Choose a card and the tarot of the day will give you an answer.

THE ARCANA of the DAY is ready to give you its message.