The Empress Love.

The Major Tarot Arcana Empress also represents fertility. What is sown is harvested, everything should flourish, whether in ideas, work, love, children and others. Tarot specialists appreciate it in the spreads of the past, present, and future.


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Positive Characteristics of Major Tarot Arcana Empress as Latin tarot cards.

Empress tarot love

Among the positive features of the Empress Arcana under that female figure is femininity, power combined with the sweetness and passivity.

The general characteristics of this card are power and fertility.

The fertility, as mentioned above, relates to all projects, companies that start and, in the end, there will positive results, even better than expected with the empress tarot love.

In a more general sense the presence of the Empress tarot love, its meaning in different areas of life is associated with abundance, with tenderness, with the power exercised by a mother, a wife, a boss, but in a practical sense, loving and strong in the empress tarot love.

Overall this is one of the most positive tarot cards, as it always bring happiness, and new beginnings. It is the card that is connected with the nature, has a spiritual and material state.

For those who want a reading and have this card in the positive polarity, it predicts very happy processes and a happy end with the empress tarot love.

Negative Characteristics of Major Tarot Arcana Empress in latin tarot cards

Once we have mentioned the positive features of this card, it is time to explain what it means in the negative polarity.

The Empress tarot love like the Emperor is a power figure a which is accompanied by a great coldness and meanness when it comes in a negative form.

The general characteristics are related to excess, either in power or in the manipulation, money and health in latin tarot cards.

Basically, Latin tarot cards relates to those who like the Emperor use power to manipulate others. But the difference is that the Major Tarot Arcana Empress uses cruelty.

With regard to other aspects of life, Empress plays a decisive role in the ways of relating with others.

Whoever has this card in a reading belongs to the type of people that keep all areas of their lives for themselves. Selfishness is a sign which is present both in the work and emotional aspects.

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The message of the Empress tarot love in its positive modality reminds us that we reap everything we plant. It also depends on the type of seed that we use, but generally predicts success and good results.

On the negative side of this latin tarot cards, it encourages us not to use the cruelty and indifference as our weapons when making our way in life.

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