This card of the Gypsy Tarot is positive.

We see something similar to what could be the beginning of a move; this card speaks of changes, positive changes that are about to come. The cards that accompany this in the spin will indícate the area of your life in which you will see the changes in love, career, and health, etc.

It is possible that you meet new people, new love or have changes in your relationship with your partner. If you are on a losing streak, this card will make the change. If you are looking for work or you change your company everything will be fine; you may need a change of functions in your work or a change of responsibility.

You can also indícate a change of address, not only at home but also of the city or town.
There is always a difficult time, accept it as quickly as possible as it is important, you may want even to change your attitude in life and your way of seeing things. Do not be afraid of what is about to come.

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