This card of the Gypsy Tarot is positive.

It is a card of luck, in the Gypsy Tarot, it is the main card that indicates, you will receive very good news in everything to do with love, work, health, relationships, and money. A girl was happy and excited with the gift she has in her arms.

This card attenuates that the spin cards are negative; even going to delete or transform its meaning; everything that arrives is good although we may have done nothing to entice, unexpected news, which can be very grateful. A happy couple relationship, everything well in love, meetings with friends and family who will make you enjoy and will give you a lot of joy.

At work, things will go great, promotions, salary increases, extra income, gifts and unexpected profit in business.
About the health, you are going to get out of an en ferme dado, and you are going to communicate that is not as serious as a priori could be seen to be so.
This card is a gift, enjoy it.

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