This card of the Gypsy Tarot is negative

A card represents a man who is coming out of the house with a lot of stealth after stealing two bags full of money. The card tells you that something is going to disappear from your life, unhappiness, bad luck, deception, dismissal. You're wasting your time. Be careful because someone who is close to you might envy you, you must be cautious.

If your inquiry is related to love means that your relationship with your partner has problems, it is even possible that your partner might fool you if you don't do your part; it is possible that you may leave. Regarding the work; you may suffer a layoff, or you may be disallowed in your responsibilities.

There is no loss of money, either by your responsibility or that of others.
In the health; it speaks that you are abusing your body, you should begin to take care of yourself. You can refuse to someone who takes away your relaxing time.

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