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Gypsy cards tarot

Skeptics and outsiders might have little connection with gypsy tarot reading, but to the believers, these divination cards can tell health, finance, love life, and much more.

Gypsy tarot card reading is one of the most successful ways of knowing your future. Fortune telling predicts your future and information about a person’s life and declares prophecy using various card reading.

History of Gypsy Tarot Deck

gypsy tarot


The name “gypsy tarot” is derived from Roma Gypsy people who were nomads, mistreated and discriminated throughout the history.

Roma gypsy has always been associated with fortune telling and magic. Gypsies use two words in their fortune telling tradition, and each has its purpose and meaning.

It contains 36 cards that appear with particular characters in their dress with the landscape, places, and animals.

It is believed that Mademoiselle Lenormand, a famous psychic created and named Gypsy tarot cards. This theory is highly supported by the characters that appear on the card, which is usually in costumes.

Dukkering means something that is spiritual and ghostly, which was derived from Wallaco-Sclavonian word. Bocht is a modification of Persian word that means connected to fate.

The Roma Gypsy brought the gypsy fortune tradition to Europe and created a book called “the book of divination of the gypsies.” Only the ones who understood mysterious symbols can read the book. 

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gypsy tarot

The Gypsy Tarot Spread 

It is a prophecy tool that comprises of 36 unique cards that are unique from one another.

The “Gypsy Tarot Spread” is laid out in vertical columns of three cards each, or horizontal columns with seven cards each. The first line is usually remarked as a present, the second line as a present and last line as future.

Gypsy tarot fortune telling traditions are same everywhere, and they typically use Cartomany cards to predict the future of a person they were dukkering. Historians even suggest that Napoleon consulted the cards frequently and that they brought him good luck.

  • 1stcolumn isself-present statethat represents the present state of the individual and suggests their emotions and thoughts like ambition and desires.
  • 2nd column is environment-present home life that showcases the close relationship at home, work, and social life.
  • 3rd column is for hope and fear and makes the reader aware of any obstacles that can hinder the successful path of the person.
  • 4th column is for expectations where its displays projects, ideas, growth, and possible delays in the life.
  • 5th column is for hidden factors that tell the person something they’re not expecting. These factors are only foreseen by the psychic tarot reader and might be related to destiny.
  • 6th column is for immediate future and tells anything good or bad happening in the person’s life within weeks of months.
  • 7th column predicts the long term future of the person and is the final column of the Gypsy tarot spread.


One thing remains static is the truth behind its magical history and foretelling powers.