This card of the Gypsy Tarot is negative.

A man who rubs his head spinning around your house to find a solution to their problems. This card represents problems that do not cease to clump together and create a complicated situation. It could also be said that its almost desperate and some problems are difficult to resolve.

Even though they are complicated to resolve, they have a solution, especially if you ask for help to the people around you, especially your loved ones. These problems affect all aspects of your life, love, relationships, health, work and money. It does not have to be your fault; it may have been caused by others, but it is important to be positive about the situation.

Be careful with businesses that you can offer as they seem easy, but are a hoax. In your work; climate is not good, and many complications need to be resolved.
The love relationship you have also had many problems, the only way to solve them is speaking, there can be the disappointment, but it is important to look at the positive side.

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