This card of the Gypsy Tarot is negative.

Represented by a woman very arranged that looks at us with a smile somewhat evil, there is no reliability or honesty in it.

This card warns us that we have people near us of which we should be worried as they can generate many problems, both on a personal level as in any other field, jealousy, intrigue and a lot of lies. These people just know or are going to appear shortly. By the card next to it in; the circulation is possible to simply change the meaning of the same, it is important to adjust the reading.

About the love; it speaks of misunderstandings in the couple, jealousy unfounded, and little communication in general.
In the field of employment, it is important to be cautious; you are watching to see how you work and not to anything good.
In business, this is not the time to start new ventures and less if these involve new partnerships.

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