This card of the Gypsy Tarot is negative.

A prison with high walls and a watchful guard can only be a negative card such as loneliness, isolation or you do not find your place at this time and don't feel happy with yourself. Something on the outside or inside you is blocking; it can be a question of a disease, appropriate behaviors or thoughts that don't make sense.

You feel alone without new people to meet, without your friendships and relationships you overwhelm; you have difficulties in many areas of your life. About love, you're the first person who puts brakes on new relationships and that love comes, not as a second person friendship and you don't realize that only you are the one who has created this prison.

Your job does not make you happy, are you afraid to change, the economy is not going very well, and you may have to propose more occupations to survive.
Be Sure that the only person who can change this situation is you. Open your mind and realize that the solution to everything that happens to you is for you; only you can make the necessary changes to turn over this.

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