This card of the Gypsy Tarot is positive

Although at first sight, it might seem like a negative card because there is a scene that looks like a wreck, it is not because it is a calm and quiet. The meaning of this card of the Gypsy Tarot is a function of the query that you have made.

If you have not asked anything specific you should see in that area is focused on the cards that accompany it. In work; it speaks of a job opportunity in which you have to travel or march out. In the Money Talks; you are about to receive unexpected income, even luxurious gifts.

In love and relationships, it indicates to us that there is a step forward in the couple relationship or things will improve in a relationship. It delves into the feelings, and this step has nothing to do with as you imagine.
In the health; it appears the diseases that are related to the water element.

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