The Hierophant Hapiness

The Hierophant Love Tarot and Hapiness

The Hierophant tarot card represents the tradition of the society that is obeyed.

Many readers suggest that it can have multiple meanings, but there is usually one traditional type that is linked to the card.

For majority of the cases the card seems to showcase a mutual agreement between two people.

For example, if a woman tells her friend that she likes him as a friend and not in any other romantic way, then he will be seem to be fine with this idea that gives birth to the Hierophant card effect.

This basically means that the people in the relationship are creating their own tradition.

The same is true for two people when they agree with each other to get committed in a relationship, and become boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife.

The most fascinating and curious thing about this Hierophant tarot card is that it also talks about sexual relationships.

Always remember that the tradition is the key here, which means that the society has a norm for accepting a sexual intercourse between a husband and wife.

Therefore, when two people are related in a sexual relationship that takes place between two people with no strings attached, the Hierophant signals that they are going to get married in a ritual soon.

In the end, a Hierophant tarot card signals a decision that is followed by the two people without being so judgmental about the sexual relationship.

When the Hierophant tarot card is reversed, it represents the breaking of the tradition.

The two people will not mutually agree on any decision that will take place in their relationship.

In a situation where two people are romantically linked with each other, the partners can get into the argumentative mode too often. It basically emphasize on the idea of “I am right and you are wrong” notion.

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