The High Priestess Relationship

The High Priestess Tarot Card in Love and Relationship

The High Priestess Card represents a charismatic control over others. This is a very complicated tarot card that many readers think is a medium of conveying messages.

The High Priestess Card is thought to be filled with the acute knowledge about the world. In the same time, she can portray a woman who is pure and spiritual.

When this card pops in love and relationship, then it represents a clearer picture of the situation.

Many readers have difficult time reading this card and only the most experienced ones can read it efficiently. When this card is drawn for a woman in the reading, it can represent that the woman is controlling by nature in their relationships.

They know exactly what they partner needs and how to grab their attention, but always in a good way.

When the High Priestess Card comes in a reading with men, there are some specific reasons that may pop up. A woman is having a great influence in their life, heart, and soul in a positive way and they can also sense their presence.

They are attracted to a woman and not only because of her beauty.

Spiritually and purity are attached to this tarot card, which means that the men drawn by this woman will also be attracted to her personality and not just sexually.

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The unfortunate part about this is that the woman does not want all of these men and rarely gets attracted to them.

The High Priestess tarot card showcases intuition when the things are not the same in a relationship. It can also imply a “you knew it” effect.

When the High Priestess tarot card is pulled in reverse, it is linked to a woman who is going through many one-night stands recently in her life. Men mostly think of this woman as someone who tries to gain attention of men with her sexuality.

Due to this reason, most men will not approach her for a serious relationship.

When it comes to relationship questions, it emphasizes that your higher self is not responding to your thoughts.

This is also the reason why you are searching for answers when it comes to your relationships from the third parties.

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