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King of Swords Love

The meaning of King of Swords is all about weighing the pros and cons of the situation.

It is all about being critical and in a relationship, it can mean when one partner is analyzing the other one way too much. In many cases, the couple often ends up asking themselves whether their relationship is good or bad.

King of Swords also represents mainly the male partner in the relationship. With these circumstances, he can be controlling and unromantic.

He can also show that he rules the heart of his partner and if you think about your lover too much, he will show up in the reading.

This card is usually associated with Aquarius or Capricorn, and if this appears in the life of the zodiac signs, it is a sign of good investment.

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In the matters of love, the King of Swords represent that your partner does not believe in love at first sight. When reversed, it can also indicate the person as a villain.

It is possible that he is crossing critical boundaries and can depict controlling behavior when taken to extreme.

In short, this tarot card tells you to keep away from your love interest, for love and romance means little to him.

King of Swords Yes or No


The final suit of Swords is the King of Swords. It indicates meaning of the complete suit and represents a strong male influence in your life. For a yes or no tarot card reading, King of Swords means a yes!

King of Swords in Time & Life Situation

 Following are the meaning of King of Swords in different time and life situations. 

  • Past – You were extremely mature for your age and have taken responsibility early on in your life. Life may not be the same now, but you harness power from the lessons learned.
  • Present – You have a father figure in your life and their advice should be taken seriously. They have experience and your best interest at heart. 
  • Future – It symbolizes the path you are currently on. You can get a happy life, if you are willing to work for it! This is not necessarily about money, but reaching your maximum potential.
  • Work/Education – Learn from someone who is more experienced, like an older male and use his or her advice sincerely. Talk to your professor or boss in the free time and see what more you can do.
  • Romance – King of Swords in romance is a great sign. You can expect a new level of maturity in your relationship. It is also great when you are finding love and finding masculine energy.
  • Friends – Things are going great for your friends’ circle. You may have to make a decision for them really soon and they will agree.
  • Money – It is a great sign for finances. However, you should think about spending objectively and tackle bad situations to grow. Look into your money issues today or they will get worse.

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