The Anchor in the Tarot Lenormand should be read with the rest of the cards that accompany it since the answers by-catches on the work will be the ones who inform us. If the cards that come with it are negative; it indicates caution and reflection, and you should search for alternatives to the obstacle that appear.

The intuition and the acceptance of what has happened will be the key to the solution of all problems and conflicts.

Love: Happiness is there for couples who are in love. If you are looking for love, first get clear about what you want before you ask for the love that applies to you.

Work: It announces the arrival of the job that you asked for! New projects and objectives part of your business is coming, and it is time to success and opportunities. Enjoy your work.

Money: You will gain stability in what refers to the economy, money, projects and employment in general, real wages and incomes are coming.

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Friendship: It announces a getaway with friends to relax mode. Do not hesitate to go as it will allow you to recover energies that you have lost.

Family: You are going to find stability and security that you are searching for in your family. Your family is the anchor you need to calm the maelstrom of your life.

Health: You've left a little, and that affects the kilos, it is time to be a little critical and begin to take care of your power.