This card is positive; speaks of travel and indicates a single direction.

Travel can be both physical and spiritual. It is a way forward that means to remember the past, the movement is slow and quiet.

Love: There will be very special moments on a trip. Someone from outside or you know will come from abroad to your love life.

Work: It is necessary to move to advance in the workplace. If you have decided to undertake alone, this is confirmation that you require.

Money: Increase in revenues that come from the sphere of business, especially those that have to do with the trade. The economic ups and downs tend to level off.

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Friendship: Come Back to meet up with friends or distant from the past. In the new travel, you will meet new people whose friendships will be great.

Family: Encounters with the family will happen for short trips. Planning a family getaway will improve a lot of family relations. And it is time to clarify ideas.

Health: Important that you reduce the consumption of salt in meals. A change in diet will make you recover the vitality loss.