This card is neutral that accompany it in the circulation of cards, and news will arrive in a short period.

Heralds the arrival of a positive message that will announce a new happy stage and you will be excited about the future.

Love: You're going to meet someone through a written medium, and a new relationship is one its way. It will add a couple of happy moments in your life.

Work: You are going to get a working agreement, and you're going to accept a job that will allow you to start again more favorably.

Money: The good news is that there will be an increase in income. The good proposals to invest are going to come.

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Friendship: mail or a card is going to bring you a news of a far friend. A reunion of the friendship is possible that will make you remember the childhood.

Family: Family meetings have very much value in your life. The hidden feelings and change in the relations between the members can be negative or positive.

Health: An announcement within the diagnosis of a disease will change the life of the consultant, and you may undergo medicines and medical tests."