Lenormand Tarot cards meanings

Petit Lenormand combinations

The meanings are not entirely based on the images of the cards like colors, figures, shapes, etc. Marine Anne Adelaide Lenormand was a fortune-teller in the Napoleonic times and had great influence on the French community.

Soon after his death, Lenormand cards were introduced and are extensively used even today.

Lenormand readers usually suggest that the meanings are not always clear, as the cards are more as a reflection of your life and less based on the images.

There are often secret messages included underneath the readings and requires an in-depth analysis.

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Meaning of Lenormand Cards

  1. Rider- Lots of energy, youth, passion, and new beginnings.
  2. Clover- Short-term luck at its best.
  3. Ship – Long and short trips and trades to a different state and country.
  4. House – Comfort, love, secure and safe.
  5. Tree – Talks about querent’s health.
  6. Clouds – Hints of troubles, confusion, and sadness.
  7. Snake – Negative meanings like seduction, betrayal, and backstabbing.
  8. Coffin – It’s not about death. It depicts endings, completion of a cycle, depression, negativity, Art.
  9. Bouquet – Gifts, charm, happiness, invitation, joy.
  10. Scythe – Accident, danger, warning, cuts, quick decisions, sudden
  11. Whip – Sports, argument, military, physical activity, violence, abuse
  12. Birds – Older people, verbal communication, meeting, hectic, twins, small problems.
  13. Child – New things, young, youthful, innocent, Fun, irresponsible.
  14. Fox – Job, lies, sly, clever, workaholic, disrespectful, taking care of your family.
  15. Bear – Physical power, judge, chef, weight, bully, hairy, diet.
  16. Star – Hope, goals, dreams, inspiration, motivation, intuition, moving forward, reputation.
  17. Stork – Change, long legs, graceful, relocation, tall.
  18. Dog – Friend, loyal, acquaintance, assistance, a pet, trustworthy or someone in the health profession.
  19. Tower – Isolation, big, government, ego, prison, someone or something from the past, self-employment, ancient.
  20. Garden – Public, network, meetings, garden, single, popular, playing field, a gathering.
  21. Mountain – Delay, stuck, problems, a real mountain, cold-hearted, the enemy.
  22. Crossroad – Road trip, decision making, hesitation, choices, separation, independence.
  23. Mice – Loss, damage, stress, nagging, fear, theft, costly, repairs.
  24. Heart – Love, passion, caring for others, romance, giving.
  25. Ring – Marriage, commitment, jewelry, predictable, going around in circles.
  26. Book – Education, educated, research, secret, book, the unknown.
  27. Letter – News, massages, pen pals, newsletters, writer, files, and documents.
  28. Man – The male querent, boyfriend, husband, brother, male friend, male influence, masculine behavior.
  29. Woman – Female querent, girlfriend, wife, sister, female friend, feminine influence or behavior.
  30. Lily – Old person, calm, peace, established, a male over 30 years old, retirement, Father.
  31. Sun – Success, warm, energy, positivity, yes, recognition.
  32. Moon – Attention, mood swing, round face, attractive, imagination, artistic.
  33. Key – Yes, success, spiritual connection, destiny, significant.
  34. Fish – Shopping, commerce, import/export, sending or receiving money, actual fish, wealth, adventure, lavish, a man with dark hair.
  35. Anchor – Achieving goals, faithful, stability, long lasting, settling down.
  36. Cross – Burdens, pain, destiny, guilty, religious, place of worship, despair,  emotional loss.

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Difference between Lenormand and Tarot Cards

Some people say Lenormand and Tarot are different altogether, whereas some say both have something in common. Many times people tend to refer Lenormand cards as Lenormand Tarot Cards, which is a misnomer altogether.

What’s true? Let’s discuss and fetch the conclusion thereafter.

Difference in Tarot & Lenormand Card Structure

Tarot deck consists of fortune-telling 78 cards, which are organized into five suits – swords, cups, coins or pentacles, batons or wands and a permanent suit of trumps.

Lenormand cards are classified as good/positive, bad/negative and neutral. But Tarot cards have no such division.

Difference in Tarot & Lenormand Card Reading Style

Every nuance of every color, placement of elements, whether a creature is sad or happy, on Tarot cards convey meaning. The image is everything on these cards making each card different.

On the other hand, images on Lenormand cards are not that important. It’s easy to read index cards with the names of Lenormand cards on them. If you know how to read one Lenormand card, you know how to read all of them because they all look alike.

When a Tarot card is pulled to be upside down, it’s read upside giving a reversed meaning. However, Lenormand cards are always read upright.

Difference in Lenormand and Tarot Information

Tarot cards are read as individual cards. These give psychological insight like why people do things and how they feel about the situation.

It’s like your mood exploration. Opposing Tarot, Lenormand cards are read in pairs or more. These cards give physical insight like past and future happenings. It’s like exploring the outer world and its happenings.

With 78 cards in Tarot deck, there are endless interpretations. For instance, when reading Tarot spread, each card is assigned a different meaning based on its placement.

For example, in Celtic Cross Spread, if a card lands in a specific spot, it depicts the forces working in your favor or against you. In another spot, it represents what you wish or fright.

Lenormand is different altogether. It doesn’t assign different meaning to each card depending on how they land in the spread.

The magic in Lenormand comes from combining cards where each card adds meaning to the final interpretation. More Lenormand cards you combine, the more information you get from it.

However, Tarots can also predict the future and Lenormand can also give psychological insight in some cases. For instance, if you want to whether you’ll soon enjoy a romantic foreign trip, 4 wands indicate YES, and 5 cups means NO.

Likewise, Lenormand Snake represents someone filled with jealousy and revenge, and Fox indicates a person who is doing anything to protect himself.  

Conclusively, the beauty of Tarot and Lenormand lies in their differences. Both provide answers to the similar situations, and none is better than the other.

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