This is a negative card as it indicates situations unclear and difficult to see. It is very important reading the cards that accompany him in the spin because of your reading depends on the final result.

Concerns and difficulties will be there. Now is not the time to make changes or make decisions; you have to wait a bit for things to end up leaving.

Love: You don't have to be clear about what you feel. Although the problems of the couple will go fast, and you will fix everything soon, but this is not the time to start new relationships.

Work: You will face temporary difficulties, instability in labor and risk of dismissal or termination of contracts. Also, there will be possible conflicts with the work team.

Money: Time of economic difficulties; it is time to adjust the expenditures and to cope with bad decisions or difficulties that can threaten our economy.

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Friendship: This is not the time to find friends, and if you don’t take care of the relationships we have already; those relations will be complicated by third persons.

Family: There will be conflicts at the family level, changes in the state variables in general of family relationships, love-hate.

Health: Conditions and Diseases related to the respiratory tract, flu, and colds. It is a short time illness though of weakness due to the concerns.