The Charter of the Clover speaks of happiness, hope, and joy that you don't expect. It is a card marked by the speed, especially that of the changes.

Luckily, new hope will arrive. New gains in games of chance in a very quick and immediate manner.

Love: Someone is going to come to you and will bring much happiness in love. If you are single, you're going to find a partner. If you have a partner; this is a very special time for love.

Work: Luck will come in any new company. It is especially important to focus on various objectives. The individual projects will begin to stabilize. Successes and achievements in the field of work will come in general.

Money: Good luck and prosperity in general. Benefits will come; even though small in games of chance. Stability in the budgets and the savings.

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Friendship: Possibility of new friendships and consolidation of today. Cheerful and very satisfactory relations.

Family: Peace and calmness in the family. Now is the time to enjoy family moments, moments that you will never forget.

Health: Relief of general form along with completion of ongoing diseases. Now is the time to take precautions in the future.