This card although it may be negative it is neutral as it varies in function of the cards that accompany it.

Transformation, radical change will be there as things will be terminated and generate new as it is the time of the sacrifice and separation.

Love: It is a time of crisis in the relationship as the relationship is stagnant and it is time to accept what happens if you want to save her. There may be separations and divorces in brief.

Work: You can face problems to find work and redundancies are not what you expected. This is an opportunity for entrepreneurship; it's time to decide what we want to do.

Money: There will be ups and downs at the economic level, in a quite serious timely manner while labor disputes are reset.

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Friendship: You should begin to select your friends, just with the relationships that you have with so-called "friends" who take advantage of you, are with you for their benefit, go meet new people.

Family: In your family environment some people do not have good intentions for you, keep your senses alert in order not to fall into the trap and have conflicts shortly.

Health: Lack of energy and general and headaches, it is time to rest to be able to start again with renewed energy.