The Cross in the Tarot Lenormand announces sudden changes, suffering in their energy as it will dominate the cards that accompany it.

A time that will have to be overcome tests continuously, which will affect relationships, work and even periods of leisure.

Love: This card will give you double responses. If you are in a relationship and there as anxiety between you both, it is necessary to break it. The other answer speaks of a couple that it shall be for the whole life and with whom you will share joint projects.

Work: You must put passion and joy in what you do, as well as the maximum effort. Develop all your skills if you want to improve, there are possibilities that triunfes if you do.

Money: If you can manage to overcome the tests that you are going to find you will get a lot of improvement in the economic field. You require extreme diligence at the time of managing money.

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Friendship: You should get out of your privacy to be able to enjoy and share with friends. With new and old friends, you will find the motivation to move.

Family: There will be fighting in the family that will leave a deep impression on your heart. It is necessary to meditate on what you say before you do, then only you can get an easy solution.

Health: This is negative! It speaks particularly of depression and the diseases that are derived from the same, physical and mental level.