This is a negative card related to deception, lies, falsehood in general and cunning disproportionate. The cards that appear in the spin are very important for further reading.

There might come moments in which the intrigue and stalking may be present as behind there will always be lies and betrayal. On the positive side is the realization of an ingenious project.

Love: Sexual essentially adventures will be there without future. You have learned this from what has happened in your relationship with your partner; it is time to start again without falling into error.

Work: There will be a card favorable to the profession, which will offer ideas and ingenuity to prepare a very intelligent plan. The projects and businesses will begin to operate. You should be careful with the envy to get up.

Money: At the time of investing; you and your partner need to have your wits. Take care of your money as you can suffer a theft or major setback.

Friendship: Friends of the past are returning with bad intentions, the possibility of betrayal. Among the new friends; you can also get someone similar, caution.

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Family: Third Parties with bad intentions are relying in family relationships by encouraging discussions and confrontations.

Health: A possible disease that at the end is not real, be careful and confirm that if you have something before the beginning of any treatment.