This is a positive card, which represents the children of their own, speaks of a new beginning, something small, innocent and childish.

Something is born, something new that will surprise us. Start new projects and ideas and generate moments of creativity to learn and how to develop them.

Love: There can be an announcement of a romantic relationship with a younger person. If you are inside of this relationship, conflicts can come by the different way of seeing life, which is too blatant.

Work: Your economy will be greatly enhanced if you start a business or start a project as an entrepreneur. The job success comes as a rigged growth at the individual level.

Money: Thanks to the businesses for important income, which is related to entrepreneurship. For a young and immature people; it is a moment of a great waste to be checked.

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Friendship: You will have funny moments with friends of the children with whom we are going to rediscover. Also, you will develop new relations of friendship with colleagues and business partners.

Family: You will go through the memories of the past with parents and siblings; good humor and harmony, communication will be there sfor family gatherings.

Health: In general announces the restoration of existing diseases. Be cautious at home with measles and chicken pox.