This card is a positive sign, and it talks about the most important feeling that is the love in general and the joy of life and warmth. Heart in the Tarot Lenormand card can change the meaning of the cards that accompany it in the circulation of cards.

Full Time of happiness and much care in all areas of the query. Things will get better in general just be thankful for the happiness of this time.

Love: It's going to be a very deep and long-lasting feeling that will bring lots of happiness in the relationship. Reconciliation of the couple after a moment of major crisis and the stable relationships that are consolidated.

Work: The passion that you have placed in your projects and your work will be seen in order by superiors and colleagues. It is the time of oneself, the action and the success as they are insured.

Money: Good opportunities in the economic field and promotions that involve a higher income. Investment in the future will be favorable.

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Friendship: Happiness is guaranteed in the environment of friendship, and there will be moments to share a lot of happiness and joy.

Family: In the family, atmosphere reigns the cordiality, and the family will be the refuge where you will feel comfortable, and you'll be full of joy.

Health: This card is attached to the body of the heart. It is important to strengthen your heart and a moderate exercise, and a healthy diet, which is low in fat will work fine."