This card is positive and speaks of the protection provided by the home and security.

Solid Foundations and protection! There will be family moments that we have to take advantage and take shelter in the family nucleus as they have a lot of important developments in the family.

Love: For those who do not have a couple; it announces the moment of an encounter that can lead to forming a family. If you have a partner; it speaks of harmony and stability in the family nucleus.

Work: Things are made, especially in professions related to the construction and in the businesses that have to do with the family group.

Money: It is time to make those expenditures that are designed to improve the well-being of the family that will alter the budget as this expenditure will be rewarded.

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Friendship: Close friends who know the family will relate these days and share moments in the family environment very rewardingly.

Family: Stability and union, if you keep these databases in the family nucleus; it will be a part of the success of this goal.

Health: It is important to reduce foods high in fat and avoid excessive food especially in the family celebrations.