This is a neutral card and will affect the cards in the tarot reading. It is a personal card if the consultant is a man. This card of the knight in the Tarot Lenormand represents a woman’s current time or future.

There can be an encounter with a man who is going to play a crucial role in the areas of your life and increase in the power of masculinity and the rejection of the subordination.

Love: Problems in the couple can occur due to the rivalry between them. Envy in the couple can arise by the professional success and relationships with friends and colleagues.

Work: Male behaviors and drives are required to obtain the career advancement that they are looking for else, the projects will be consolidated. The security firm and temperament are essential for success.

Money: The tenacity in work will give a substantial improvement in your economy. It is time to make good investments.

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Friendship: Your friendships will be strengthened. If you are a woman, this is the time to start a friendship with your ex-partner that may lead to a new union.

Family: Very good relations with children and siblings of the male, and a good time to enjoy pleasant moments.

Health: Chances of Health related problems at like, wounds, cuts, etc. It is important to take care of yourself to avoid major problems."