This card is neutral, and if the consultant is a woman, it clearly represents her. It accompanies it in the circulation of cards as these indicate how it moves this woman, their intentions, thoughts, and projects.

Shows the importance of meeting women. Chances of calls and contacts with the women who is going to be very important to change the present moment.

Love: A phase of stability in the couple arrives, and there is a clear intention of the undertaking. Possibility to begin a life together.

Work: You can develop a new occupational or a major contract. It will give you the success and new projects that will encourage and give security to the family.

Money: New activities in the professional with good results at the economic level are on their way. An important woman in your life is going to make good investments and expand the labor issue if you are working on their account.

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Friendship: If the consultant is the man, his "special" friendship with some women can bring problems to your relationship with your partner. Chances of encounters with female friendships that had been left behind.

Family: Improve your family relations, especially between daughters and sisters. Problems will be solved with the mother.

Health: Health problems of hormonal type can result in various negative health effects in general. Perform a check to avoid these type of ailments."