The meaning of this card is negative and announces theft, penalties, and possible losses. The Charter of the mice in the Tarot Lenormand has the power to change the meaning of the cards that accompanies it in the tarot reading as it dominates overall and has attached to the Snake and Fox spoke of betrayals and little clean.

It is a stage in which the concerns will be the order of the day. If you resist, you are quite humble and quick to resolve, which later can become very favorable opportunities.

Love: This is a possible rupture of the couple, betrayal, and infidelity that may be the reason for the separation. This card has to do with the perversion sexual disorder.

Work: Your unfriendly fellows are going to make mistakes, and there will be complicated situations in general. Perhaps it is time to start looking for another job.

Money: If you follow the advice of these people, you can have significant economic losses. There can be scams and bad investments and also do not purchase the goods illegally.

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Friendship: Third Parties may interfere in the relations of friendship and betrayals can arise. Only the communication can speak with the truth, which will solve all the problems.

Family: Only the union and loyalty among the members of the family can save this period and leave aside the mistrust.

Health: Be careful with the viruses that are close to you as you can get sick. Make prevention against possible infections.