This is a neutral card that talks about the success, recognition, promotion and the approval of others. Its positive or negative side shall be given by the cards that accompany it in the circulation of cards.

A period in which the indecision and changes of mood are going to be constant, and you must seek protection and assistance for the most difficult moments.

Love: There will be an increase in the attraction between the couples that will be strengthened. If you are looking for a partner, you're going to meet someone with whom you have an exciting relationship.

Work: You're going to have the opportunity to contact with influential people who can support your professional career. If you've worked hard, this is the moment of recognition for your work.

Money: Good time to earn income and for business. It is a perfect time to buy a house to live.

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Friendship: Some minor conflicts are going to bring changes in the group of friends, it is important to solve them else, friendship will be affected.

Family: Within the family, the emotions are going to be both crisped as, so there may be clashes. Announcements of new couples, weddings and births are on their way.

Health: The influence of the moon and its phases will be beneficial to health if you follow. The lunar energy will allow you to get out of this mood."