This card is negative and speaks of a lock or a problem that prevents development in general activities.

Difficult times are ahead of you such as problems, obstacles are in general slowness. Patience and courage are the weapons to save what has come.

Work: Professionally you are in the total blockade, it is time to make decisions. Change of work, unemployment, the problem with peers and superiors.

Love: A bad time in your relationship with your partner, fear of commitment. Maybe you need a little bit of solitude to see clearly what you want out of this relationship.

Money: There will be delays in payments and may be on the payroll, it's time to adjust the belt until the obstacles are released when it comes to currency movements, lack of liquidity.

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Friendship: Complicated situations will affect your relationships with friends, distance, and misunderstanding that will require effort and time to resolve.

Family: The problems that come from your economy and labor will create discomfort in the family by your bad mood. Talk with your family and looking for its complicity and your help.

Health: There are no improvements in the current illnesses. It is important to have discipline in treatments and in healthy diets to defeat them.