A card that brings positive news and updates that are good for you. Augur speaks well of new encounters in any area of our life, as well as visits and invitations.

The other two cards that appear in your spin will tell you whether these encounters are positive or negative.

Thoughts and ideas are in the movement towards something good and positive. News and messages are coming soon. Put your ingenuity and your personal power to work and get what you want.

Love: Someone very special that will meet you shortly, and you will assume a change in the way you feel and see the life.

Work: All businesses that speak to undertake individually will be favorable; the favorable changes in work and promotions that were waiting.

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Money: Increase of the usual income, it is important to make some sacrifices to increase savings.

Friendship: to begin a new friendship that will be very favorable and will substantially improve your emotional life.

Family: You will receive visits from family members which you did not expect, you will also receive news of relatives that you did not know a thing.

Health: You should be careful with everything that has to do with the legs and the movement, joints, bones, ligaments. Do not abuse the board of sport which involves running or some similar activity.