This is a refusal card; the danger has to do with the rest of the cards and the question of the consultant.

It is the end of the Renaissance. There comes all the evil that there is in the past, aggressiveness, and danger. It is important to review all areas of your life and cope with the changes to come.

Love: There are many important changes that you must make a personal level to improve your relationships. A new love comes into your life to help you grow as a person and if you make the change, what will come will be excellent.

Work: It is time to take benefit from the efforts made and hard work. Now you have begun to see the successes. It is a stroke of luck.

Money: This card tells you that you must be cautious in spending, don't make investments or associate with anyone and do not close any contract.

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Friendship: Friends of the past will return to meet up with you. It is the time that you should begin to meet new people that will bring you much more happiness.

Family: It is time to overcome the conflicts that exist in the family in the broadest sense. Make an inner reflection to be able to work in this regard.

Health: You will have short term any surgical operation such as abdominal type, headaches or for mild cuts.