This is a refusal card reflecting betrayals, lies, entanglements and falsehood. No clean business. The results should be assessed regarding the rest of the cards of the circulation of cards.

Betrayal, lies, covert forces, moments of true Deception, Intrigue, jealousy, veiled threats, and enemies to the view.

Love, jealousy, intrigue and third parties will affect your relationship with your partner, lovers, and enemies of the past will alter the coexistence and the relationship of a couple.

Work: Only the ability and your cunning will allow pending projects to be consolidated. Your leadership will be the one that allows you to convince those needed to put your new ideas in progress.

Money: There will be economic losses in the business. Don't pay money to fGoldstry companies that will betray you on both fronts.

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Friendship: Third Parties will bring conflicts due to their intrigues, betrayals of old friends it is critical to be stated. Do not engage in new friendships.

Family: Third Parties are going to interfere in family life, and their intrigues will bring conflicts that aren't there. Only the communication will allow you to face what is coming.

Health: Your body needs cleaning and purification to remove all the negative energy of this card. Fasting can provide good support.