The Sun in the Tarot Lenormand always speaks in positive and has the power to mitigate the impact of the negative consequences that may accompany copies of cards.

Joy and much optimism at this time, and the consultant will be able to generate a positive attitude that will benefit the people in your close circle.

Love: You must love the tranquility after a crisis in the relationship, reconciliation. You are going to start a new relationship if you don't have a partner. A lot of romance and passion is on its way.

Work: The motivation is very important for the success in this field. It's time to see how to expand our professional field, changes we make will last longer.

Money: Revenues are going to come from games of chance. Also, you will see an increase in the economy due to promotions in the workplace and on yields of some investments.

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Friendship: To begin a new friendship with you will have a very good start, and this relationship will be based on the full trust, and there will be no lies.

Family: The communication will be the key to solving certain problems that coexist within the family, and this communication will be given in an event or family outing.

Health: The sun and its lots of positive energy will allow you to restore the diseases that exist, and restoration of general health is on its way ."