This is a neutral card, and your message depends on the cards that accompany her on the run of cards.

It is time to seek refuge in solitude and retreat to meditate with the decisions you take; it is also time to prepare for what may come.

Love: It is a painful phase in which there may be a break and meditate on what has produced this time. It is necessary that you express yourself and release your emotions to be able to move forward.

Work: You are preparing for a very ambitious project of good prospects that is going to give you the independence of work you are looking for like a promotion or work in a better company.

Money: It is important to meditate on investments, manage the money as it is important at this time, you have to be careful and think about the future.

Friendship: You're going to catch up with a childhood friend, someone. It is time to program with the existing friends, especially a relaxation plan.

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Family: A relative that you haven’t seen from years is going to come soon, it will be a good time to enjoy family gatherings.

Health: It is time to get up and do running and exercise as your muscles are rusty. Join the alternative therapies that will you provide relaxation and meditation.