This is a card uncertain although positive in the sense of spiritual tranquility and serenity such as in essence of the inner health. If the cards that accompany it in the roll are positive, then it shall provide protection and balance. If the rest of the cards of the spin are negative; it speaks of laziness, lack of trust and disinterest. It is an uncertain card.

Vitality, maturation, and growth. Where is the origin and where we come from, we are heading toward the quiet life, stable and prosperous.

Love: For those who do not have a couple announces the moment of an encounter that can lead to forming a family. If you have the partner, it speaks of harmony and stability in the family nucleus.

Work: The projects are successfully consolidating slow and sure progress. The databases that are created solid will be rewarded, the time and the patience will bear fruit.

Money: If there are professional efforts then the financial situation will improve or the small economic problems will be brief and come with little impact.

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Friendship: Friendships have to be based on trust, this is the secret of success. You will meet people who will give you a long term friendship.

Family: Family relations are quiet. Each member of the family you need to find your personal space to improve the conflicts of every day.

Health: It is important to take the contact with nature. Look for parks and gardens in your city or a getaway to the countryside to find your physical and spiritual well-being.