This is a negative card, and its meaning will vary depending on the rest of the circulation of cards.

Obstacles and disadvantages will appear in the different areas of the consultant, it is necessary to make the right decisions to achieve the desired success.

Love: There will be many adventures that don't contribute anything new. If you are in a serious relationship and enter into an affair, it is possible that destroy your relationship with your partner, be clear about what you want.

Work: Labor problems will occur that impede progress in the personal projects. Monitor the powerful enemies that lurk.

Money: You have unexpected income that will not come from clean business if you don't play with honesty and losses can be greater than the profits.

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Friendship: The misunderstandings will occur if you are going to play a trick with friends, take your time, so it will be clear and decide whether it is worthwhile to continue the friendship or find new friends.

Family: A close relative is going to betray, which will cause conflict in the family. Act on impulses only you will have major problems in the family.

Health: There will be vascular problems along with the appearance of varicose veins. It is important that you do activities that improve the circulation, moderate exercise like walking.