This card is negative and brings debates and quarrels with it in the areas of a consultant. The cards that accompany the tarot reading will indicate where they will produce the fighting.

General Problems of communication, family conflict, infidelity, jealousy. Words are the source of all the misunderstandings that will generate problems.

Love: If you are in a loving relationship; this will be the end so that you can start a new relation. Misunderstandings with your partner can alleviate strong discussions if you listen.

Work: You're going to have meetings with heads, and with partners, it is important to take care of your language and control your words. It is time to discuss ideas and projects.

Money: The badly paid jobs makes it necessary to find new ways to get money. There will be dishonest people who will be rude.

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Friendship: the Important conflict between friendships will occur because of misunderstandings and old relations will suffer due to the treachery and deceit that you are going to be revealed.

Family: Don't take hasty decisions in what you have to do with the family as there may be significant conflicts, it is important to take care of the harmony of the home at this time.

Health: The sensitivity of the moment will worsen your physical state. Conditions in the throat, tonsillitis, cough, etc. everything that has to do with the voice and communication.