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Maria Medium Psychic - A Review

Lots of "psychic" sites, such as "Padre" and "Valentina," are owned by the same company as "Maria," and assure luck 3 or four weeks in the future. These computerized readings, with random "lucky numbers" tossed in, wear; 4 weeks went by without any fabulous luck and money for me.

I then tried the printable complimentary "Luck-Force Talisman" Maria emailed, and, as advised, wrote my name and birth date in red ink on the back of the printed page, said the magic words, and brought it always. After 4 weeks nothing significant had actually altered for me,

After 4 weeks nothing significant had actually altered for me, however buddies suffered a job loss, death of a parent (at age 93), major medical issues, and discovering that a newly-published book had plenty of typos. At that point I threw the Luck-Force Talisman away.

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The Medium Maria is more frustrating than many online fortune tellers. Although called a "medium," "she" can't channel spirits from beyond; she states she's another kind of medium. Although she mentioned my "celestial chart," I didn't get it or discover exactly what made it bad.

Her bio states she supplements her clairvoyance with numerology and Tarot. Pictured as a sultry brunette, Maria initially appeared online in 2011.


Her site asserts that her psychic great-grandmother read for royalty, and declares that six months ago a customer won 5 thousand dollars in the lottery game, and simply two weeks ago won a million. There's no evidence that these assertions hold true.

Each of my three identities selected a complimentary three-card Tarot reading, however the site demanded my name, e-mail address, and birth date-- info that genuine Tarot-card readers never ever require or request.

If you verify the email, get the reading/sales pitch, and disregard it, Maria's urgent emails will follow:

-"We should speak privately".
-"You're risking your future, Sylvia".
-"Wow, very intense flashes have validated exactly what I already found out about you".
The emails get even crazier:.
-"Several million dollars are awaiting you! It is certain, I 'saw' it!".
-"My prodigious Secret, the Golden Lion, will interact on your behalf throughout the next Boreal Septentride on the Milky Way of Money." (Astrology has no "boreal septentride" or "Milky Way of Money.").

The electronic Tarot used for Maria's free reading uses Major Arcana cards only-- the cards with names, such as The Sun, or The Hermit-- and all are dealt upright. Whatever 3 cards I got, Maria, in her totally free reading, exclaimed how moved she was by the combination, "so unusual I can't remember ever having actually seen it before!".

A short and mildly accurate description of each card was offered; nevertheless, digital readings cannot manufacture card spreads so regarding provide coherent, particular messages, so there isn't one. The prolonged, similar canned results said although a born loser.

I was destined by Heaven for love and wealth, so I needed a seven-card reading to reveal the "vibrations that are incapacitating" me, for $79. That's method too high a price for Tarot.

Your regional face-to-face Tarot reader will give you, in individual, a 10-card reading, much more tailored, for about $25. Ask around and you will find one. Maria also offered another complimentary Talisman.

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Today's Best Offers

Accurate Tarot and Psychic Readings As low as $1 per minute.

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