The Strength in Relationships

The Strength in Love Card tarot. Relationships

The Strength tarot card represents a princess like lady who is capable of taming a lion with its willpower. When one looks at the face value, there is not much needed to be told about the overall meaning of the Strength Card.

The title describes about what is actually the meaning of the card. When this card shows up in love and relationship in upright position, it emphasizes on the alliance between two people.

They have extreme strength that comes from their happy relationships.

In other times, the Strength card can also suggest that there is a bad argument stored for the future and there can be reconciliation.

If it does not suit your situation, then there are some other complex elements attached to the card that does not signal what you came to know.

If you look closely, you can notice that the infinity sign is floating on the top of the head of the woman.

The number 8 card, when rotated at 90-degree angle will display the same image.

However, lion on the other hand represents a wild animal, which can indicate a man with anger and ignorance personality that is bottled up inside him.

This card can mainly describe two situations:

  • Abusive Relationship – Here the card is telling you to take a step forward and do something about your relationship. The warning sign is karmic number 8 and whatever you decide, it will impact your life and situation.
  • Breakup – This card is a great sign if you are going through a breakup. It signals elimination of depression and courage of moving forward.

For a man’s reading, the woman in this card represents his lover who is strong on the inside and has the ability to carry on a long-term relationship.

She is charming and makes him fall in the lust.

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In reverse, the Strength Card represents a bad news for the relationship.

The lovers are not doing everything in their power to make their bond stronger.

The women feels like she is with an uncaring man and the man thinks that the woman is annoying. It signals hatred and ugly discussions.

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